Twin Deer Mother Offers Blessings to Share With You!

(Elder Crystal Person, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your) Twin Deer Mother offers Blessings for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and Elders (Active-Indigos), inspired by (Magenta Warrior) Willed One Whispering Silence

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Come and play with monsters and we will show you how to tame. They are but little children, who think they need guilt and shame, but I say, it's put under and not to be thought of again. We have better things to do now, than walk this way again. Freedom and wisdom that's my only friends. I am the relative to all my world God brings. And now it's the time to be good servants again.

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Each step that I walk, I think of your loving heart. And I know you are thinking how lonely you have become, but I say, relatives they are coming to bring us home again. Even though, we don't spill words but run inside the wind. We are here to flow with you, inside the flesh and soul again. We are bringing heaven and earth, to the rising sun again. Sow I bless you, every seed in you, that grows and grows and grows. Come lets bless you. Come lets skip to, the heartbeat with an eternal breath of wind. There we will find all that grows, will have a perfect radiant shine, because Magenta (horizon), is the center of the whole entire world of mine.

I bless the dancing of the light, and the dark that flow within. And we hope to say, that's the place, the Great Caretaker lives in Grace (halls of consciousness). And we are lucky stars like copper pennies that offer us release (water-electron discharge-relaxation) into the air. We know freedom and true lovers, who come sacred in all their wells (abundant waters). We will sail into joy if we put the old away, and begin, the heart of the new, the Golden Brotherhood of these days.

I bless you. The days are few I say. And I want you to know, the heart of all of your show. It's the way you move, while you dance like you should. It's the way, you're sure, even when all is not known. We have comfort in you, as you dance and sing as one. We try to emulate you, but we look upon the rising sun. And it's love that pours from you. And it's where we run and few, are as lucky as we are to know, the greatest show is always the horizon, in every part of this world.

I bless the setting (descending of our eternal souls) and the snow (diamonds or crystalline stones, the perfect blessing allowing wind to pass through). I bless the rising (ascending of our eternal flesh in our children as well as the dream that lives when the blue road cross the red road, to become the yellow road of dreams, united soul and flesh, the sacred sun dance for all to see) and the hoar (permaculture of diamonds like a geode or a crystalline agate growth inside enclosed in circumference, the crystalline stone river, or dew crystal sublimation meaning we skip a step to achieve perfection with less suffering when fire blessings purify all realms). I bless the greatness and the small. I bless all of them after all. I bless the streets of sin again. I bless most everything I can. I bless the ways, you summon me, to show me the way to liberty. Show me, the way to be warrior pure. For you are here to be the truth (crystal people, door in/out of heaven) and we are the door (perception of magenta persons, however it's truly the halls of consciousness, not a moving door, but a passageway that delivers movement, the bridge over troubled waters, between two realms at the horizon, a threshold and place to cleanse the flesh and the soul. Bless before you cross over into the other realms . Magenta (person, windy halls) the Center of the World, who knows the sun, when it glows.

I bless you, when high and low. I bless you when all is stark. I bless you, and then I bless you, to say, that God (G_ah_d: the utterance of the voice, from heaven, that transmits. Story Sharing) is home. To say that God is home. To say, God is really home. Finally another day, to wake up and enjoy our ways, to be filled with love each day, to be responsible for only our hearts to play. There we find a new dawning day. There we walk into the hills of yesterday, to find new blossoms and forever rolling hills, to say, my magic has only begun to grow. To dance like you! To move like you! To have the magic in the rainbows! To have the soul and flesh at home within! To gift the greatest passage booking, to find a boat that sails in the winds. You will guide us and show us. You will be there too. You will show the world how, to have a perfect view. The rainbow at the horizon. The waterfall standing near. The animals and beasts are churning, on what's next to hear. We lie down in sweet meadows. We gift our hearts to God, and then we wake up refreshed again, to fight another day. To fight another day! To be the Rainbow Warrior, to fight for LOVING WAYS!

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Active-Indigos and Elders

We recognize you as a spiritual being and welcome you to one family consciousness. Here at Active-Indigos, we respectfully address the ascension, flesh or light and descending, soul or darkness, process while creating local sanctuaries on earth. Thinking globally and acting locally while networking all spiritual communities and educating the workplace.

Elders come to be, when they stand to be free, to be heard of justice door, the place where all live to be, united in heart. United when apart. United in Spirit, to hold and have Heaven, inside the beginning, the Elders of the World. Who come home to what is heard. Who use love beyond all words. To know when LOVE is true. And Knows when we need the views, of pure light, of pure dark, of heaven and earth, abound as One who's gonna win. It's the Elders who refuse to budge and look for hues, instead sea with their hearts, and prays about all things in the heart.

Willing tears will bring, the spring of blossoms who sing, songs of joy in everything. This is the way Home. Bring a song, bring an instrument, with a tune. Bring your voice, a stick with many hues, and your drum which need be your open song, let us sing along!

I bless me (purify self before blessing others). I bless the world. I bless you, for you to bee (dream impossible dreams). I bless the sacred nine directions of relatives everywhere, open hearts to vision heaven's breeze! Aho, may your spirit fly free!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainbow Warriors Now Live Upon the Land

A Song for you Rainbow Warriors True!

Rainbow Warriors,
Take the heart of God above and bring it home to land below. Here my heart longs to see the living breathing relative. I hope to see you in all you do, but I know that you have to see what is true. The face that looks back at me, is that a face of eternity? I know that I can see this much to find the path to God's love. And I want to be where the stars do shine. And I want to be where the flowers bloom. The place of wisdom lies in the air and I know that you could be up there.

The skies gift freedom to all who understand, but we will have to bring them home even in their disease. The steps won't be easy, but we need to please the Heavens who guide us, the Great Spirits who know me.
And Rainbow warriors will guard the land, and make a mighty stand, to gift the land of honey, the land we flow home to. And where the milk flows white as Snow, the many who turn this way, to the heart beat that lives inside, to offer you a different way.

And once the breath is in the light, to shed all it's displays, then we can be the Father, who comes home to speed. Look back and forward, the Father, who is white (whiteys returning, the red, blue and yellow equals the whiteys, when you have become the golden light), (bright light shining within of humans walking earth), he says, let's go home now, let us go for a swim (blue of me and you, the relative of the blue, we swim inside of you, the heart beat knows you), and let it be a Wow. It won't be easy, and it won't be fair. But the ones who survive the days, will know the solemn way. The sacred dance which burns the light, that sheds the lighted way, of yellow blooming flowers and golden fields of hay (the golden era, the next phase of evolution).
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman for your heart, your Twin Deer Mother says, let us give a smart (sting of bee, the impossible flight, yet the bee flies) (speaking to relatives in the blue, soul's heart)

Visit (Third Hoop Rainbow Warriors)

Attack the impure where they stand and Bring Them Home When They Land!

Watch out you criminals who all stand there, thinking your teaching God solemn prayer. Rainbow Warriors now live upon the land, and we will make the stand, to destroy all your hatred and fear, so you will know that God is here!

Gifts for you Indigos to use, the warrior with the Arrow of Reflection and of course the rest of the Rainbow Clan too.
Tried to put together many songs of the heart to people who need a scolding. Please feel free to cut and paste any of these songs to offer the truth to hit them in the heart.

I tried to leave the extra data out and just leave the song. I will be adding more of these, especially for Indigo People written in their Garment of Lights, to use towards those who have lost their way, selling religion and spirituality. God gives us everything free and how dare we sell this freedom to anyone. Your spirit is my heart. I once read this, "I may not like what you say, but I will defend the right for you to speak it". This I will always stand with you, when you are using your heart. But the earthly body need learn to walk with the soul and unite the body who carries intelligence, this is the only way to get homeward and I mean physically. Follow the Red Road, the law of love.

Remember your daily fire ceremony and walk about with your family. You need to bless everyday and everywhere and everything to be safe, my beloved be safe, remember to Bless!
Aho, may your spirit fly!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
Elder Crystal Person
ps. you need a personal song for someone who has done wrong globally, then email

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Toltec Rainbow
White Buffalo Calf Woman,
Thank you for reminding folks what is true spiritual love and what is false.
Like the false Melchizedek who charges money. What they do, shows more
who they really are, than what they say. Bless you as a champion for the
truth and a lover of all sincere life. The world is better for your efforts!
Toltec Rainbow Warrior (Grandparent Going Places)

Changing Evolutionary Rules

Rules are changing over time, can we stay fit for the new time?  We are going to have demonstrations, of how limited our minds have become.  Lets gift our souls the wings to fly.  It's in everyone, just as soon as they learn to run.  Sow you see, it's all upon you, just trust your instincts, and jump out into the view.  The river will catch you if you let is be, part of your tears that are willing to drown in thee.  But if you think that vision will carry you through, then you will listen to the new cosmic soup. There inside the dark and damp of you, will rise a new light, the one who visions and seas. Then you will see rules will change for you and me, when law of love is all that you sea!  Use your heart, not your head, for the skills you need today, are called FITNESS of tomorrows rain, the place that will be flooded, the place that will be cleansed. Only the fire of the light inside the rain, will smoke sacred ruins, the place we call our home.  And Mother and Father merge triumphantly, to be good parents, who are married with glee!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother who flows with you over rolling hills!

Warriors of the Earth
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"I Bless Myself" and "I Bless Myself"
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